Recent events over the past decade have exposed weaknesses within the typical financial plan.  Believing that existing market patterns will continue in the future, we feel that financial plans must be reviewed at least annually to account for any impact that capital markets may have on projections.

The Planning Process is comprised of the following steps:

1.  Gathering client data, including identifying a client’s objectives/goals

2.  Analyzing and evaluating a client’s financial status

3.  Developing and offering financial planning recommendations

4.  Implementing the financial planning recommendations

5.  Financial plan review/monitoring/adjustments

Each of these steps is critical to the financial planning process, but no more than the continuous review and adjustments to the plan recommendations. A financial plan is an ongoing strategy and should be treated as a “living, breathing document” that has the flexibility to be updated as our client’s lives and situations change. The ultimate success of a financial plan relies heavily on implementing the recommendations that are made within a timely manner.