Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan Consulting Services:

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with significant years of experience in Portfolio Management utilizing individual securities, mutual funds/ETFs and separate account managers, we serve as an independent Third Party Investment Advisor (TPI) to plan sponsors, assisting them in the following four areas:





Investment Policy Statement Development:

An IPS is a written document outlining the investment-related decision making process for a plan sponsor.  Its purpose is to formally describe how investment decisions are related to a plan’s goals and objectives, as well as document the plans strategic vision for plan investment.  A written IPS can also provide a framework for participant communication and education.  The existence of an IPS provides evidence of a prudent investment decision-making process and, in doing so, can serve a risk-management role as the first line of defense against potential fiduciary liability.

Fund Selection:

Through our disciplined investment process, we develop an asset class matrix in order to provide the plan and its participants with a broad range of investment selections.  We analyze funds for 1, 3 & 5 year returns, price/earnings ratios, Sharpe ratios, expense ratios, sector & portfolio composition, manager tenures, yield & duration of bonds, as well as the manager’s demonstrated adherence to stated investment objectives.

Ongoing Fund Monitoring:

We review and evaluate plan investment options on a semi-annual basis with the Plan Sponsor to determine continuing appropriateness of each investment option.  Performance comparisons will be made against the representative performance universe and market indices for each investment.

Participant Education:

EIP, LLC offers semi-annual enrollment meetings to the plan participants.  At these meetings, we provide participants with fund information as well as market and economic overviews to help them select appropriate investment options.

In addition, we may provide asset allocation models, taking into account such factors as retirement needs and risk tolerance to assist participants with making investment decisions.

Our Responsibility to Plan Sponsors:

In helping a Plan Sponsor fulfill its fiduciary duty, a TPI is committed to the following activities:

1. Provide and update an investment policy for the plan.
2. Make sure various asset classes are available within the plan for diversification purposes.
3. Review/analyze fund choices within the plan on an on-going basis to see if changes are required.
4. Meet with the Plan Sponsor at least annually to review overall plan status, discuss any possible changes, offer investment market feedback and answer any questions.
5. Educate participants on the fund choices, asset allocation models, understanding the investment process and offer feedback on how current capital market expectations may impact the various funds.
6. Act as an additional point person for service issues.
7. Provide plan participant transition services to retirees and those leaving the plan.